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Project recovery

You have probably heard the fact that the majority of complex projects are either overrunning the estimated budget or are delayed against the original plan. If you are in that situation and your project is at risk of failing or has already crashed - we will get your project back to a state from which you can recover. Our project recovery services will help your organization with steadfast hand to guide you on how to either restart the project with a higher success rate, or we will salvage whatever can be saved and rescue assets when the investment have already gone wrong.

There are many examples from when the relationship with a vendor isn't working, the vendor or in-house deliveries have low quality or project costs have gone up significantly. The Qwiwi team will in these circumstances perform the necessary project reviews and audits, investigating the actual cause of the problem and give guidance on how to solve the issues and how to get the organization back to an effective delivery mode again

Supplier management

If you are about to endeavor on a journey with procuring or setting a relationship with a new vendor, the Qwiwi team will help you with building requirements, preparing for Request For Information (RFI) and Request For Proposal (RFP) procurement processes. With our experience we will help you to establish SLA and KPI constructions during the procurement services, we will assist and guide you through vendor collaboration and contract negotiations, implementation planning and assistance with project/program design and startup.

Product Development

Companies today need extensive know-how for building processes for product development life cycles (PDLC), including design and development approaches that include waterfall or agile development procedures such as SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) or other lightweight delivery work following the agile manifesto.

With our services we will optimize your organizations development release cycles and thereby meeting prioritized targets set by senior management. Our services may also include work around pilot prototyping and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development.

Delivery & Go-To-market services

Work with service- or product releases, sales prospecting or setting up a short term organization for marketing campaign are often referred to as Go-To-Market projects. The Qwiwi team work with your organization to establish operational product readiness and your sales and product marketing functions in order to establish efficient Go-To-Market services - the framework for world class delivery services.

After the product release is complete we will work with your team to strengthen and enhance the onboarding processes for new clients, and we will enhance further product releases and perform incremental updates to your product portfolio.

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